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Best Weed for Sex: 8 Cannabis strains

Best Cannabis Strains that will improve your sexual life and bring more joy
Best Weed strains for good sex

A selection of cannabis varieties for 8 different types of sex and sensations

Some varieties of cannabis are a powerful aphrodisiac. They are able to prolong and increase the pleasure received during sex. Thanks to their influence, the sensitivity of the body increases, restraining complexes go away, concentration increases and, as a result, the orgasm becomes brighter and lasts longer.

This effect of marijuana occurs as a result of the release of oxytocin — the «love molecule». This hormone has a positive effect on sexual desire, stimulating its activation. As a result, psychological prohibitions and barriers are removed, which, together with increased sensitivity, allow you to achieve previously unprecedented sensations.

What we pay attention to first of all about Sex and CBD or THC products

Today, despite the huge variety of chocolate and oysters, a new aphrodisiac has begun to gain popularity, which can raise your sexual pleasure to new levels. We are talking about a well-known product, cannabis.

Despite continuing research on cannabis, as well as its benefits in sexual life, 68.5% of people who took part in one study said that sexual intercourse with the use of cannabis is more pleasant.

Are you already intrigued? This is not surprising, I actually am too. I suggest you read the opinions of John Renko, a cannabis expert and co-founder of GoLove CBD Naturals, and Jordan Tishler, MD, a Harvard physician, and medical cannabis therapy specialist who directs InhaleMD.

It was they who provided very interesting information about choosing the right variety and product so that users could get the most amazing sexual sensations.

Ways to consume Cannabis weed - Smoke a joint, Blunt or take a hit from bong
Ways to consume Cannabis – Smoke a joint, Blunt or take a hit from bong!

However, each expert has his own opinion, which differs from his colleagues. For example, Dr. Tishler, after studying the drug, concluded that different preferences are created during sexual intercourse, but no specific results were observed.

If you study Renko’s opinion, you can make a determination that the essence of magic is in terpenes, considering the definitions of the effects of each variety.

A kind of terpenes are compounds that are part of the structure of plants, generating aroma and taste. When some users smell diesel fuel and others smell lemon, this indicates that the terpenes are activated.

There is no doubt that terpenes have an effect on the various effects of cannabis, but it has not yet been reported in what way. 

If you want to increase your libido by consuming weed

In order to increase sexual desire, Renko advises her patients to choose the variety that has a high content of terpene limonene, namely Do-Si-Dos and Wedding Cake. Each of which is a hybrid with a predominance of indica and a high content of THC, which can instantly amaze you with the euphoria of a warming body, and then bring you to blissful relaxation.

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When you like to be alone … between the sheets

Renko believes that those strains that have terpene linalool have gained popularity due to the pleasant calming effect that can significantly improve your solo session.

If we consider such varieties as Indica LA Confidential and Sativa Amnesia Haze, then they provide self-satisfaction in a full-fledged daily lifestyle.

User reviews indicate its slow start, then there is a strong euphoria, gradually fading. Such actions are very similar to a good orgasm, do you also think so?

When you experience anxiety attacks

It is in this case that cannabis will play a crucial function. After all, if we take into account the studies conducted, then in situations with anxiety, cannabis effectively eliminates it.

With a constant feeling of potential pain

Users of the drug in one voice answer that it was cannabis that helped them to relieve pain. Thus, if we are talking about analgesia, then it is in the first place.

Dr. Renko also believes that people who suffer from pain spasms during sex should give preference to beta-caryophyllene, humulene, myrcene, and caryophyllene. And these are contained directly in the Zkittlez strain, which is dominated by indica and a strong beta-caryophyllene and humulene profile.

You should also try, for example, such varieties as Other varieties that are worth trying: G13, with a powerful indica; Cannatonic, which has a low THC content, but high CBD; Harlequin, there is a lot of sativa.

Sativa THC weed gives you euphoric sensations in sex
Sativa THC weed gives you euphoric sensations

When you want something new

In those situations, if you have a desire to leave the comfort zone during sexual intercourse, then in this case there are also certain varieties. Take, for example, those that are able to reduce indecision with the ban, increasing personal confidence. We are talking about such varieties as Granddaddy Purple, Trainwreck, Atomic Northern Lights, Blue Dream.

Do you want something high-energy?

Then you should pay attention to those who have the ability to provide energy, then you certainly will not lag behind the most temperamental partners in bed. Online user reviews indicate a considerable demand for varieties that can turn you into an Energizer rabbit style, in the professional process of sexual games. Such strains are Green Crack, Cheese Quake, Super Lemon Haze.

In cases where you need to relax a little

However, you should also take into account the fact that if you choose the wrong dosage, or use too much, then cannabis can cause chills. Thus, it will be the right decision to select varieties of relaxing action, in order to ensure the desired level of cold when the temperature rises. It is recommended to choose such varieties as Master Kush, Mr. Nice, Cookies with animals.


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You wanted to increase your sensitivity to touch

The vast majority of cannabis users prefer varieties that increase sensitivity to touch, thereby changing the tactile sensations for the better. We present to your attention varieties that can effectively affect your erogenous game: Bubblegum Kush, Sour Diesel, Gilliben.

It’s time to discuss the edible varieties

According to the mutual opinion of Dr. Tishler and Renko, almost all of these varieties do not act as the best option for partner sex. Their argument is based on the fact that edible varieties have a slow effect, including some kind of hidden unpredictability.

The whole point is that such products, before being activated, pass through the digestive system. And here, your BMI, as well as other factors, will have a special impact on the speed. It is assumed that you and your partner will reach the peak of pleasure in different ways, perhaps the dosage that was not optimal will play a key role here.

What other options are there for reviving sex?

There are a lot of such things! But, since we decided to analyze the options that include the use of cannabis in sex, we offer for review a number of cannabis products that are created by testing sexuality.

Such type of lubricants as THC and CBD

When studying the information provided by the manufacturers of these lubricants, such products have a lot of advantages, starting with increased arousal, up to powerful orgasms. After all, almost every user agrees with the opinion that with abundant lubrication there will be a feeling of comfortable and pleasant penetrating sex. 

When you decide to try the action of THC or CBD lubricants, the choice here will be enormous, take at least for example the excellent product «GoLove CBD Intimate Hygiene Lubricant».

Smoking weed before sex will bring you and your partner great relaxation
Smoking before sex will bring you and your partner great relaxation

Suppositories for insertion into the anal or vagina that contain THC or CBD

Based on the fact that there are no clinical studies regarding cannabis candles, it is assumed that there is no feeling of high when they enter the bloodstream by anal or vaginal means. However, it is not correct to conclude that they do not have other sexual effects.

To do this, it is enough to study the reviews of consumers of CBD and THC suppositories that indicate a reduction in pain during anal or vaginal sex, including an increase in sexual pleasure.

THC or CBD Massage Oil

Probably there is no person who does not like high-quality oil wipes? And, if you take into account the fact that topical drugs do not enter the bloodstream, then this method is ideal for improving the physical condition of your body. We recommend you to choose «Papa Body Oil & Barkley’s Release» and «CBD Daily Massage Lotion». However, you need to take into account the fact that the combination of oil and condoms is very bad, so you need to remember your method of protection.

A few tricks and tips 

At the moment, when you have knowledge about cannabis varieties, including product ideas, we suggest that you make the most of the experience you have gained.

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For those who have not previously used cannabis during sexual intercourse, it is better to try it in solo sex.

This method provides an opportunity to observe the reaction to the product, as well as whether it will be able to send you to the world of bliss. In addition, you will be able to exclude from the thought any experiences about cannabis, with the possibility of worrying about new sexual effects.

Before applying, it is better for partners to agree on this

As a rule, communication is an important key to great sex, therefore, discuss all the points to get a mutual high. After all, excessive use of cannabis can impair personal judgment, as well as provoke a sedative reaction. Thus, it is recommended to discuss all the nuances before starting, setting clear boundaries and a protective barrier.

It is better to start small gradually moving forward

Applying a dosage either improves the experience or spoils it, therefore, study the advice of most experts and start with low (in terms of dosage) and continue slowly if you decide to consume more. Here, the focus is on the delivery method and the time required for the effect to manifest.

Methods such as inhalation and tinctures, which are placed under the tongue, act as fast-acting methods that facilitate dosing. In this situation, it will be easier to determine whether one puff is enough or you need a few more drops, and perhaps it’s time to stop since you are already in your golden mean.

It’s time to take stock

Today, there is a huge amount of evidence that cannabis can diversify and significantly improve the sexual life of partners. Based on the statistics of many studies, it can be concluded that cannabis users are more likely to have sex than those who prefer to avoid its use.

When you have decided to try cannabis, it is recommended to purchase products or flowers exclusively from reputable licensed sources, so as not to be disappointed and find maximum pleasure from the use!

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